Holli Talking about Jordan's Birth

When my first child was almost 3 months old, I found I was pregnant again. I took a pregnancy test and when I saw it was positive, I had the same gut feeling I had when I just knew I was pregnant with Jacob: I was scared.

I'd had a traumatic birth with Jacob. After I birthed Jacob I vomited and my mother washed me in a cold shower. It took two months to recover from that birth.The experience left me terrified at just the idea of giving birth again.

It wasn't until I saw his scan picture I fell in love with him. I cried happily to discover we were having another boy.

When exploring my birth options, I was told I couldn't even give birth in the hospital I wanted.

Then came along Helen. Although I was at rather a late stage in my pregnancy, she agreed to help. She encouraged me to seek out a hospital I was comfortable with, we worked through breathing and relaxation techniques and she taught me all I needed to know to give birth again. I became excited for my birthing day.

JordanI had secured a hospital I was happy to attend, I had a name ready for my baby boy and I had packed his hospital bag excitedly. Then I waited.

Helen assured me I would have the birth I wanted, and that I would remain calm and in control throughout. This really helped me to believe in myself and my body's ability to give birth.

My last session with Helen had me so relaxed I fell into a light sleep. I heard everything she was saying and responded to her. It was amazing to me. That same night, following this session, I went into pre labour!

I pre laboured for 3 days, but was easily able to rest and relax between surges. I went to the hospital with my partner at 3 am as I was starting to show signs that our baby boy was ready to come. Once at the hospital, I was directed to the delivery suite and had use of a birthing pool. I was delighted!

We put on the CD Helen had given me and concentrated on my breathing. My partner and I got in the pool pool together and he helped me with the breathing techniques and was just brilliant (Helen also works with birth partners so they can best support mums in labour).

The Midwife asked me to get out of the pool as she was concerned my membranes hadn't released. By the time I had got out and into a good position for her to check me, my baby boy was born easily and gently!

He was immediately passed to me and placed on my tummy. Right away he latched onto my breast.

How was my birth? It. Was. Amazing. I am so pleased we worked with Helen as we prepared for Jordan's birth and loved how she was so patient with me.

Thank you so so much Helen. I love my children more than anything and I will definitely be coming to you again should I have another child.

Andy Birch