Meet Mark Harris.  Mark is a (male) midwife, nurse, teacher in further education, hypnotherapist, NLP trainer, outreach youth worker, author, father, grandfather and husband!  Wow, that’s quite a list!  However, this unique combination means Mark is the perfect person to have written an antenatal education programme which is just for men!

In his book, Men Love & Birth (published by Pinter & Martin) Mark explains how through his 20 years of midwifery experience he has observed “how men respond to the intensity of the emotions in the birth room, generated by the hormones released into their bloodstream as birthing takes place” and that this has taught him a lot.  Mark says “Being present at birth provokes a wide range of behaviours in men, from angry, confrontational shouting, to becoming withdrawn and playing games on a tablet.”

I believe it is essential not only for mum to be to prepare for birth, but for her partner to prepare too and Mark’s programme is the perfect accompaniment to the Hypnobirthing classes I teach for those men looking to further their birth preparation.


    Included in the Birthing for Blokes course is:

    • 6 weeks of video based learning
    • Emails between each module with further information and points for you to explore
    • Additional recorded material with Dr Dennis Walsh, Associate Professor at University of Nottingham
    • Member exclusive live webinars
    • Ongoing support from Mark throughout your partner’s pregnancy

    By the end of the course you will:

    • Understand the emotional changes both you and your partner are experiencing
    • Have confidence in your partner’s ability to give birth and in your ability to support her as she does
    • Have the skills to be truly present as she gives birth
    • Be informed about pregnancy and birth enabling you to discuss decisions with your partner easily
    • Know that you have done all you can to prepare for birth


      Please click below to visit Mark’s site to find out more and to sign up for his online course.