I believe Closing the Bones may also be particularly healing after the loss of a baby or for a woman who has experienced loss, shock, trauma or anxiety in any area of her life.

I will usually come to your home to perform the ritual, but do contact me if you would like to discuss coming to me.

When I take your booking, we will talk more about closing the bones.  I seek to tailor the ritual to each woman I work with and so I will discuss some ideas around what we will do together.  This won’t be set in stone and we can make some further adjustments on the day.

What Happens

The below is a general guide to what may happen during Closing the Bones.  I would discuss a plan with you a tailor this to your individual needs.

I will come to your home and you will show me the space where we will work.  I need an area large enough for you to lie down and a little more space for me to work around you.  I will then spend some time preparing the space for us to work in and it will look a little like this.

Once I have got everything ready, I will welcome you into the space we will be working in.  I will also invite you to bring anything you may wish to have with you.  Sometimes crystals, or flowers, or anything else that you would like us to work with.

Before we begin we will chat (often over a hot drink) and this is opportunity for you to share your story with me.  Though I will have gained a small insight on the phone, this is your chance to tell your story.  You may share as much as little as you wish.  We can talk about anything you would like to.  There will be no judgement in our space.

When you are ready, I will give you a footbath to cleanse you, followed by a guided meditation.

Next, I will ask for you to lie down on the rebozos (a rebozo is a traditional Mexican shawl).  I will remind you that you are in control at all times and how I touch you, will depend on the feedback that you give to me.

I will begin by gently rocking / sifting your hips to remove tension in the area and promote relaxation and then move on to a hip and abdominal massage.

Following the massage, I will begin to gently wrap you with the rebozos.  I will begin by gently rocking and sifting your hips again with the rebozo, before wrapping and tying the rebozo in place.  I will then (if you are happy for me to) wrap the remaining rebozos around you, creating a cocoon for you.  Once you have been wrapped I will place a blanket over you to keep you warm.

There is now a period for you to reflect.  During this time I can remain silent, or I can read a poem and we can play soothing music if you would like.  We will have discussed this in advance, but you may of course change your mind.

When I sense the time is right, I will offer to begin to slowly and quietly unwrap you.

I do hope the above has given you a small insight into Closing the Bones.  Do please get in touch if you’d like to find out more and we can have a chat.

For Closing the Bones I charge £80.  If you live more than 10 miles away from me, I also charge 45p pence per additional mile.