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Hello! Congratulations on your pregnancy! Isn't this SO exciting! Except, well.... much as you're thrilled to be pregnant and can't wait to enjoy life with a baby, the thought of giving birth is causing you some anxiety. You don't want to think about it, much less talk about it and it feels like EVERYONE is queuing up to tell you their scary stories.


You wish with you whole heart that you were looking forward to birth. It's the day you get to meet your baby! You see the posts on Insta. Those wonderful quotes about birth and how magical it is and you don't quite believe it can be true for you.

But it can be true for you. Oh yes! I will help you to dive inside yourself to find your power. Our ability to birth instinctively is in there, we just have to unlock it. We will find the place where you not only don't fear birth, but you are filled with confidence and are actively looking forward to the day you give birth, the once in a lifetime day you meet your baby face to face for the very first time!

How amazing does that sound? I will be your friend through pregnancy and birth. I will support you as you navigate your options and choices. I will hold your hand as you seek out the best possible birth for you and your baby.

Each of the services I offer is available individually or as part of a package, meaning you can get the perfect level of support for you and your family. The service I offer is truly unique to each family I work with.


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Birth Preparation

A personalised birth preparation service for you and your partner(s), combining the very best of Hypnobirthing with traditional antenatal education so you can be sure you have everything covered and are fully prepared for the best first date of your life, the day you meet your new baby.


As your birth Doula, not only would I support you as you prepare for your birth, but I will also attend and support you during your labour and birth. Like many other Doulas, I offer both birth and postnatal support. This means I am able to come to your home to support you in those early days with your new baby.

Closing the Bones

This is a beautiful and nourishing ritual that originates from South America. Many women like to have their bones closed following a pregnancy as a way of honouring their bodies, their spirits and their minds. Closing the Bones is also a wonderful way of honouring many of our rites of passage as a woman.

Trauma Release

Sadly some women do experience negative feelings when thinking about their birth experience or their experience of breastfeeding. I am able to guide you through the Three Step Rewind Technique so that you may release these feelings and be left with a more neutral feeling around your experience.


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