Saira, Birth Preparation

“To say the birth of my first child had left me traumatised was an understatement. So when I was pregnant again, I felt very anxious about what was to come. Helen was able to come to my house to carry out the sessions, which I found so helpful as it meant not having to arrange childcare for my son and I was able to have him in bed before we’d get started. So convenient! Helen was very friendly and easy to talk to, I was able to talk about my worries and feel really understood. Helen allowed me to work through my anxieties around labour and I am still in awe at just how effective our work was for me. I started the sessions feeling scared and panicked and ended feeling confident and empowered, which was evident within the choices I made throughout my pregnancy, even choices I didn’t know that I could make! I never could have dreamt that that would happen for me. I used the techniques throughout my pregnancy and labour, the difference in my two births was profound. I found the tools I learnt with Helen to be priceless and still find myself using the breathing techniques during stressful situations in my everyday life. Helen also showed my husband to be fully involved in each step of the process, rather than standing in a corner of a room quietly panicking, he was there by my side, really involved because knew exactly what my body was doing and why, he also understood his role and was confident in the process. Thank you Helen for your support, your listening ear, your knowledge and for going over and above. I now have such fond memories of my second labour and I will always be so grateful to you.”

- Saira, Birth Preparation

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