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Kia, Closing the Bones

“I recently had the pleasure of receiving a Closing the Bones healing session from Helen. I was blown away by the feeling of warmth and connection to something deep within me. Helen is a gentle and skilled practitioner and she made me feel safe and nurtured. The session felt like a sacred ceremony and afterward I felt calm and peaceful, feelings which lasted beyond the session itself. I loved it and would highly recommend for any woman who wants to dive deeper into who she really is. Thank you, Helen!”

- Kia, Closing the Bones

Carly, Closing the Bones

“My Closing the Bones Ritual by Helen was a truly nurturing and healing experience. I was made to feel safe and comfortable and felt like I was able to open up and share my past emotional struggles. I have chronic pain surrounding my abdomen area so i am naturally very protective of this space. The massage component of the treatment was so beneficial and I felt my pain gradually ease. I would highly recommend this to everyone, not just mothers who may have had a traumatic birth experience. I felt completely relaxed and re-set, feeling energized and de-stressed.”

- Carly, Closing the Bones