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Elen, Birth Doula

"Helen was everything we needed her to be. Positive and reassuring, while also being practical by providing massage, and keeping me warm in the birth pool using a towel. Helen was such a dependable, kind and reassuring presence throughout the whole birth and supported me in having the homebirth I wanted, with minimal medical interference. Helen has an excellent way of being positive and uplifting, while making you feel heard and empathising completely, offering practical solutions and ideas. We both found Helen to be very trustworthy and easy to talk to."

- Elen, Birth Doula

DoulaHelen Discombe
Marie, Birth Preparation & Doula

"When I was in labour Helen answered the phone straight away and came to us as soon as we asked her to. She stayed with us for 24 hours in total! Helen set-up a cozy environment in the hospital and was encouraging and patient throughout. Following the birth, Helen was in touch almost every day to check in and offer advice. Helen is amazing. She listens and gives appropriate advice without judging. Easily available and happy to help, even when she wasn't call."

- Marie, Birth Preparation & Doula