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Samantha, 1 to 1 Hynobirthing

“Helen worked with me and my birth partners over Skype and I found the skills learned incredibly valuable in the run up to and during labour. She helped me work through and process my fears about childbirth and I felt a lot more prepared as a result. She was also fantastic at helping me make informed choices and advocate for my wishes throughout my pregnancy and birth, and has continued to provide support and encouragement following my daughter’s birth. Helen is knowledgeable, well informed, patient and supportive and I would recommend her services to anyone considering hypnobirthing.”

- Samantha, 1 to 1 Hynobirthing

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Nina, Hynobirthing

“Both my husband and I learnt so much to help us enjoy the pregnancy and prepare for the birth and even though the birth experience didn’t go as I had imagined, I felt in control and informed and my husband felt like he had an active role through all the information and techniques Helen had taught us during the course. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about what she does and I highly recommend her services.”

- Nina, Hynobirthing

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Holli, 1 to 1 Hypnobirthing

“She guided me into a sense of calm and security and soon enough I was excited. I was going to have the birth I wanted my way! And I did get that. It was amazing and I am forever in Helen’s debt! I couldn’t have done it without Helens guidance.”

- Holli, 1 to 1 Hypnobirthing

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