I found that many couples would approach me seeking Hypnobrithing tools during pregnancy following a difficult or traumatic previous birth experience.  I decided I wanted to offer Trauma Release so that I could help families much sooner after their experience (the technique is just as effective if you are already pregnant again though).  After lots of research, I decided to train with MAM Learning using the technique developed by Mia Scotland (Perinatal Clinical Psychologist and Doula) and Mark Harris (Midwife and NLP Trainer).  There is a great blog about the Research Base behind the technique.  I love how the technique is about activating your own ability to heal yourself.  


Before our first session we will have a chat on the phone or via Skype to discuss MAM 3 Step Rewind Technique in more depth.  You can then take some time to decide if this is the right step for you to take at this time.

Session One

At our first session together, you will have the opportunity to share your story with me if you wish to do so.  There is absolutely no pressure for you to do this, I am still able to guide you through the technique so you may begin working on your healing without knowing your story.  After this we will also talk about your feelings. How you feel at the moment and I will help you to consider and create a vision of how want to feel.  I will then guide you through a relaxation, which I will record and send to you to use prior to our next session.

Session Two

In our second session, I will again ask how you are feeling at the moment and then I will guide you through the second part of the technique.  This is the Rewind part. I will guide you to recall and process the event in a way that feels safe. You will be in control at all times. We can stop or pause if you need to.

Session Three

During out third session, I will guide you through visualisation of the future. 

Follow up

Following the third session, I will give you a call a week or so after.  I will do this simply to check in with you, see how you’re feeling since we had our sessions and to hear any changes you have noticed.  Occasionally people do need to have an additional session, and we will arrange this is appropriate.

I offer these sessions to both women and men.  It isn’t uncommon for men to experience difficult feelings after witnessing something they perceived to be traumatic.

These sessions are available as a package, priced at £99 at my home in Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire (very easily accessible from the M40. If you would prefer to have sessions in your home, I am happy to do this, but there would be a charge of 45p pence per additional mile.