When I became pregnant I felt nervous and anxious about labour. I was scared it was going to hurt and that I would require painrelieving drugs as a part of my labour.

I first heard about Hypnobirthing as a friend had learned and used the techniques to assist her in achieving a vaginal birth after caesarean section for the birth of her second child. The more I read about HypnoBirthing the more I believed that not only could I have a drug free labour, but it would also be a wonderful experience and a beautiful way to welcome our child and so my partner and I attended HypnoBirthing classes together in preparation for our birthing day.

Following the birth of our child, I felt the desire to help other families to achieve the positive birth experiences they desire and so I trained to teach Hypnobirthing classes.  

I originally trained with Marie Mongan's HypnoBirthing Institute and achieved their Gold Seal Accreditation to work as a HypnoBirthing Practitioner.  Since then I have trained with Jenny Mullan's Royal College of Midwives accredited Hypnobirthing Academy.  

In January 2017 I decided to deepen the level of support I am able to offer to expectant families and answered what I felt was a calling to become a Doula.  I then trained with Kicki Hansard’s BirthBliss Academy and became a Mentored Birth and Postnatal Doula with Doula UK in March 2018.  I am currently working through Doula UK’s Recognition Process with a view to becoming a Recognised Birth and Postnatal Doula.

Whilst undertaking my Doula training, I also decided to train in the use of Rebozo techniques for pregnancy and labour and also developed this further by learning Closing the Bones.  I attended workshops with Sophie Messager where I learned these techniques.

In addition to this I have undertaken a variety of voluntary roles with NCT and am also a Co-Facilitator with Milli Hill's Positive Birth Movement.  I am passionate about supporting families as they prepare to welcome their baby into the world. 

Registered with Doula UK
Insured with BGI


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